Flora and Fauna

Bhutan is the perfect destination for enthusiastic horticulturalists as it contains more than 60% of the common plant species found in the Eastern Himalayas. The forest land in the country covers over 72 percent out of which 60 percent is under protection. The forest is comprised of various varieties of floras and faunas found in the kingdom. The effort made by Bhutan for the conservation of these species has helped to protect some of the rarest animal on the earth.

Around 500 species of medicinal plant raging from magnolias, junipers, orchids and varied hues, gentian, Daphne, and giant rhubarb. The most commonly found trees include fir, pine and oaks. Likewise, 46 different species of rhododendrons, 5400 kinds of vascular plants, 360 species of orchids are found throughout the kingdom. The Himalayan Blue Poppy is the national flower of Bhutan which can be seen blossoming all over the place during the spring.

The Kingdom of Dragon also houses a wide variety of animals. At higher altitude one can witness snow leopards, blue sheep, red pandas, takin, marmots and musk deer. Leopards, gorals, gray langurs, Himalayan black beards, red pandas, sambars, wild pigs and barking deer are found in the temperate zones. The tropical forests in the south are home to clouded leopards, elephants, one horned Rhinoceros, water buffalos, golden langurs, gaurs, swamp deer, hog deer, horn bills and many other species.