National Symbols

National Symbols of Bhutan are listed below:

National Flag

The National Flag is divided diagonally into two halves. The upper yellow half signifies the secular power and authority of the king while the lower saffron-orange symbolizes the practice and authority of the king while the lower saffron-orange symbolizes the practice of religion and the power of Buddhism. The dragon in the flag symbolizes the name of the purity of the country while he jewels in the claws stand for the wealth and perfection of the country.

National Sport

Archery (Dha) is the national sport of Bhutan in 1971. The bow and arrow play a significant role in many Bhutanese myths and legends, images of the gods holding a bow and arrows are considered especially favorable.

National Emblem

The National Emblem of Bhutan is a circle that projects a double diamond thunderbolt place above the lotus with a jewel on all sides along with two dragons on the vertical sides. The thunderbolt signifies the harmony between secular and religious power while the lotus represents purity and the jewel symbolizes the sovereign power while the dragons represents the name of the country DrukYul or the Land of the Dragon.

National Bird

Raven is the National Bird of Bhutan which adorns the royal crown ad represents the deity Gonpo Jarodongchen (raven headed Mahakala), one of the chief guardian deities of Bhutan.

National Animal

The National Animal of Bhutan is Takin (Burdorcas taxicolor), a rare mammal which is associated with religious history and mythology.

National Flower

Blue Poppy (Meconopsis Grandis) is the National Flower of Bhutan which grows to a height of 1 meter and is found above the tree line (3500-4500meters).

National Tree

The National Tree of Bhutan is Cypress (Cupressus Torolusa) and are found abundantly in temperate climate zone between 1800 and 3500 meters.