Samtse Dzongkhag is located in Southern Bhutan which ranges from 600-3,800 meters covering the area of 1,582 sq. km. Two main ethnic groups reside in Samtse, the Lhotshampas and the Doyas. Samtse is a religiously diverse district and both Hinduism and Buddhism are widely practiced in the dzongkhag. Losar (New Years), Thrue and Lomba are the main festivals celebrated by Buddhist while Diwali and Dussehra are the festivals celebrated by the Hindus. Due to its hot and humid climate, Samtse is rich in the diversity of flora and fauna. One of the more exotic animals found in this district are the local elephants, some of which have been domesticated. The main crops grown in the region are oranges, cardamom, ginger and areca nuts and these cash crops are exported to the nearby Indian state of West Bengal and even to Bangladesh. Samtse also consists of construction based industries; minerals like Dolomite and Quartzite are mined at Pugil, providing raw materials for two major cement plants.