Wangdue Phodrang

Covering the area of 4,, Wangdue Phodrang is one of the largest dzongkhags in the country which ranges from 800-5800 meters in altitude. Due to its altitude variations it has extremely varied climatic conditions ranging from subtropical forests in the south to cool and snowy regions on the north. The valley provides rich pastureland for cattle and is also famous for its fine bamboo products, slate and stone carvings. Blessed with the rich natural resources and diverse climates, Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkhag is home to many rare and exotic animals like Red Pandas, Tigers and Leopards. Gangtey Monastery, Dargay Goempa, Adha & Rukha, and Gaselo & Nahee Village are the major attraction of the Valley.

Gangtey Monastery

Situated on the high bluff of stone above the town of Gangteng Village, the Gangtey Monastery is an important monastery of Nyingmapa school of Buddhism, which is the main seat of the Pema Lingpa tradition and is also known as Gangtey Gonpa. It is one of the most revered religious sites of Bhutan, known for its veneration of the Terchen King Pema Lingpa, one of the country’s great spiritual patrons. The complex consists of five temples and surrounds the main central tower. The popular festival of Bhutan, Black Necked Crane festival is celebrated in the Gangtey Monastery every year on 12th November.

Dargay Goempa

The monastery was first a simple Drubdey or meditation centre and was built in the spot where Divine Madman Drukpa Kuenley first met Ashi Genzo who was renowned for her beauty. Lam Drukpa Kuenley is considered to be country’s favorite and most iconic saint due to his unorthodox method of teaching through ribald humor.

Adha & Rukha

The village of Adha and Rukha is located under the Wabgdue Phrodang Dzongkhag. It serves as the best places to gain insights into the lives of rural Bhutanese farmers. One can enjoy the home stay with the local families in Adha & Rukha, the farmers will happily welcome you into their homes and regale you with local legends of mermaids and ancient kings.

Gaselo & Nahee Village

These villages are located in the west of the province, under the Wangdue Phrodang Dzongkhag. The life in this village is still medieval and farmers are always happy to see visitors. Experience the joy and simplicity of farming life.