The rich biodiversity of Zhemgang with its lush forest is home for 22 endangered animal species including the Golden Langur. Ancient Bon (animist) religious practices are still carried out in Zhemgang, though Buddhism has been growing in popularity, every region of the district still continues its animist traditions and Bon priests known as Bonpo are considered respected religious leaders. The residents of Zhemgang are famous for their rich culture, particularly their folk songs and dances and also for crafting various goods out of bamboo such as Bangchungs (matted bamboo bowls), Palangs (alcohol containers), Balaks (hats), mats and boxes. Zhemgang also houses a number of famous Buddhist temples such as Buli Lhakhang and Tharpa Choeling Lhakhang. Royal Manas National park is one of the major attractions of Zhemgang.